The 8 Key Benefits Of Choosing 
Us For All Your Computer Training Needs
When you choose our training, you receive:
  1. Cost-effective classroom training. Our training environments increase each employee's productivity, thereby increasing his or her value to the organization.
  2. Small classroom environments.   Our training environments also ensure that each student receives the personal attention that they deserve.  This approach also serves to group students at similar skill levels.  This ensures that faster students are not bored and slower students are not bewildered.
  3. Our hands-on training technique.  Our exclusive instruction technique gives each student the opportunity to make mistakes in the instructor's presence.  This experience mirrors the real-world work environment, where lessons will be learned and then retained indefinitely.
  4. Quality training materials, exercises, and data diskettes.  These tools reinforce the learning experience, and serve as a take-home reference in case questions arise later.
  5. The highest quality of instruction available.  We maintain this high standard by enforcing our policy of requesting formal student evaluations after each course.  Our highly trained instructors are excellent communicators who create a positive learning environment filled with relevant applications to your business.
  6. Certificates of Completion. These certificates are presented to each student in recognition of the student's participation in the Business Information Solutions learning experience.
  7. Continuity of instruction.  Our complete range of available course levels allows each student to progress smoothly to the next stage of expertise.
  8. Continuing Education Units.  These units often fulfill annual professional requirements.

When you need to be sure about the value of your Computer Training, there is only one organization to call...
Business Information Solutions!

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