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At Business Information Solutions Inc.(BISInc), we are constantly analyzing trends in the software training industry in order to improve the performance of our Instructor-Led Training (ILT) programs.  ILT will continue to be a preferred method of delivering software instruction to organizations.   Based on information gathered from our clients' needs, as well as user trends, we will explain our new ILT SEMINAR WORKSHOPS and ACCELERATED COURSES options.


  • Maximize employee productivity and minimize organization costs by improving the performance of ILT.

  • Deliver ILT that provides relevant software skills, not redundant software skills.



A SEMINAR WORKSHOP is a two hour, hands-on workshop that covers a specific software application's feature or features.  For example, a word processing workshop may cover just Mail Merge or just Forms.  These workshops are either, compiled from our licensed course development program, or custom developed using organization-specific examples. 

We include the word "SEMINAR" in the SEMINAR WORKSHOP title, because these workshops are designed to be offered on a seminar-style schedule.  For example, Word 2000 Mail Merge (9:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m.), Word 2000 Forms (11:30 a.m.-1:30p.m.), etc..  Theoretically, three to four SEMINAR WORKSHOPS could be scheduled on one day, and users could choose to attend one SEMINAR WORKSHOP or all of them.  These workshops are designed for experienced users, but can be attended by beginners just wanting to learn how to use a particular feature or accomplish a specific task.


An ACCELERATED COURSE is a three to six hour course that covers several topics from one level in a short period of time, or many topics from various levels in a longer period of time.  These courses are designed for experienced users and move at a rapid pace.  Using our compiler, we select topics that are most important to an organization's training program and create a custom, accelerated course.


  • It is a more productive and cost-effective way for an organization to upgrade experienced users to a new or existing version of software. 
  • User receives software training on specific topics in a short amount of time.
  • Employees are only away from their jobs for a few hours, instead of all day. 
  • It is a good supplement to standard ILT, CBT, and WBT.

Who are some of your clients that are currently utilizing the SEMINAR WORKSHOPS and  ACCELERATED COURSES in their training programs?

  • Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc., National Headquarters
  • Orange County Transportation Authority
  • Mitsubishi Motor Sales
  • The Irvine Company
  • City of Temecula
  • City of Hope
  • Alcon Surgical
  • Anderson Consulting
  • Best Western Stovall's Inn
  • Waste Management

How many lessons do you have available to compile custom Microsoft Office  SEMINAR WORKSHOPS  and ACCELERATED COURSES?

Word 200x- 53 Lessons

Excel 200x- 59 Lessons

PowerPoint 200x- 28 Lessons

Access 200x- 37 Lessons

Outlook 200x- 25 Lessons

FrontPage 200x- 18 Lessons

(We can develop custom SEMINAR WORKSHOPS and ACCELERATED COURSES with company-specific examples.)

What are some SEMINAR WORKSHOPS you have developed?

  1. Access 200x- Macros and Custom Toolbars (2 hours)
  2. Excel 200x- Chart Basics (2 hours)
  3. Excel 200x- Database Features (2 hours)
  4. Excel 200x- Pivot Tables & Multiple Workbooks (2 hours)
  5. PowerPoint 200x- Special Effects & Features (2 hours)
  6. Word 200x- Merge Basics (2 hours)
  7. Word 200x- Tables (2 hours)
  8. Word 200x- Custom Templates & Forms (2 hours)

What are some ACCELERATED COURSES you have developed? 

  1. Excel 200x- Spreadsheet Basics (3 hours)
  2. Excel 200x- Charts & Advanced Functions (3 hours)
  3. Excel 200x- Databases Features (3 hours)
  4. Excel 200x- Automation, Workspace Customization, & Templates (3 hours)
  5. Excel 200x- Macros (3 hours)
  6. PowerPoint 200x- Basics (3 hours)
  7. PowerPoint 200x- Advanced Features (3 hours)
  8. Word 200x- Basic Documents (3 hours)
  9. Word 200x- Templates, Styles, & Columns (3 hours)
  10. Word 200x- Tables, Graphics, & Mail Merge (3 hours)
  11. Word 200x- Macros, Workspace Customization, & Charts (3 hours)
  12. Word 200x- Forms & Long Document Features (3 hours)

To view course outlines on the above SEMINAR WORKSHOPS and ACCELERATED COURSES, please click the Training button and use the Course Search feature.

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Standard Corporate Classes Available

Maximize the value of corporate training by leveraging the skills of an outside partner. With diminishing in-house staffs, the ever-changing content of courses, the integration of new technologies and the expense involved, maintaining a fully staffed in-house training department can be difficult. By outsourcing training, costs can be reduced and productivity can be improved.

Business Information Solutions Inc. will customize courses to meet your company’s specific needs. Select classes from our standard schedule or let us design courses for your specialized programs. Courses can be conducted at your location or in our classroom, at times that you choose – Monday through Saturday. Contact your Account Executive or Customer Service for details: (714) 705-1777.